About us

BRITBO LTD is an Anglo-Dutch company registered in Edenbridge in the United Kingdom, with offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality Back Office services on the BRITBO Cloud ERP, with the twin goals of lowering their cost of operations, as well as significantly improving the conduct of their business. We achieve this by maximizing the use of Cloud ERP technology. We aim to deliver to small and medium enterprises, the benefits of modern ERP systems and industrialized Back Offices, currently available almost exclusively to multi-national corporations.

The name BRITBO is derived from British Back Office, to indicate that our professionals are based in local markets where we operate. We are confident that by judiciously tapping into available local talent, we can be highly competitive without having to outsource the back office activities to low cost countries. In doing so, we also reap the advantages of cultural and language affinities of a home labour force.

The company is founded by Jan-Marten de Jong, who has many years of experience in software development, transformations, implementing complex ERP systems for multi-national companies and outsourcing Finance & Accounting functions to India and Eastern Europe.

For more information about BRITBO and what we stand for, please contact us.

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